We seek to price any work so as to give real value to the person or organisation requesting the activity. Sometimes it is not easy to initially state how much an individual job will cost until we have reviewed the documents and the requirements, however, we will agree on the costs before any work is carried out.

IT Sourcing Support

Support for IT Procurement and Sourcing activity is priced on a per-day basis and is exceptionally competitive.

The pricing is in line with the hourly rates recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), and The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) :

• Standard Proofreading: £25 per hour
• Copy editing: £35 per hour
• Deep dive editing/rewriting: £45 per hour

The above is a guide only, as each job has differing levels of complexity and requirements.

I am always happy to quote, and discounts are available for charities and not for profit organisations.

Standard Proofreading:

A standard article of 2000 words will normally take an hour to Proofread. This is typically four pages of Word, or ten slides of PowerPoint. The cost will be £25 an hour, with a minimum of one hour’s cost.

Copy Editing:

Copy Editing (working with you to polish the document for publication) typically takes two to three times as long as the Proofreading. So expect around £60 per 2000 words for this stage.

Websites and Social Media:

For a fixed fee we will proofread daily, weekly or monthly blogs, or check your website regularly for any changes or issues.
Or we can take on one-off pieces of work as you need and require, giving you the confidence you need that your online world is error-free.
A daily blog check will cost around £75 a month, and a full one-off check for a website will normally cost between £100 – £150 (depending on the size of the task).
Please get in touch for a chat and a ‘no obligation’ quote.

CVs and Résumés

The cost of Proofreading a standard two-page CV or Résumé is £40, with extra pages at £15 per page. A full copy edit of a CV would typically be £30 per page. To support the writing of an individual or standard cover letter is £45. If you wish us to work closely together on polishing your CV or Résumé, we can discuss the time required and the fee.